One of the fastest growing sport in the United Kingdom and one of the easiest to start since humpty dumpty branched out into falling off logs.  Check out the link for England Squash and Racketball for a short (less than 2 minutes) introduction to the sport.  It really is a buzz for all ages.  It’s much easier to grasp than its counterpart squash so is ideal for younger players wanting an easy sport to learn.  It also suits older age groups as well, lots of older squash players are turning to Racketball as it offers a similar competitive element but is a bit easier on the joints.

Here at Northallerton Squash and Racketball we make it even easier,  we have two qualified coaches, Jeff and Dave, to help you learn the sport and a we can even let you use a couple of club rackets for you to try it out with a friend or playing partner.  After that all you need is the time and the inclination to make it a regular part of your healthy life style.  (Dave says that in a 40 minute session his health and well being website tells him he’s burning 500 calories for a social game and about 719 calories in a competitive game against Jeff)

Speaking of the club coaches, they are keen to assist players of all levels from beginners to winners with improving their game and they are ambitious to have the club represented at a regional and National level.  So why not come along?  Jeff and Dave are standing by to help you organise your free taster session and let you have details of the most competitive annual membership around.  Believe it or not it’s less than £100 a year for adults and a fraction of that for juniors.  £8 a month, how many gyms can you be a member of for that?

Go on … you know you want to!
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