The joint head coaches at Northallerton, Jeff and Dave, share the same vision on coaching at the club that is to make squash and/or Racket Ball accessible and enjoyable to all who decide to play the game, be they experienced players who want to improve their game, or beginners and improvers who want to develop into more accomplished players.

You will see from their individual Bio’s that both coaches have spent many years in sport and therefore bring knowledge and a wider experience to bear into their coaching styles and application.


Coaching profiles

Jeff Watson

Jeff has been playing squash for over 30 years and is joint Head Coach at Northallerton Squash club, where he has played most of his squash since 1992…

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David McCabe

Dave has turned a lifetimes experience in training and being trained toward a passion for squash and has recently acquired coaching qualifications in Squash and Racketball…

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Developing a positive mindset is part of the coaching ethos and these psychological techniques can also benefit life outside of sport.

Additionally, both are passionate about the development of Sport with young people as a vehicle towards a healthier way of life but also as a means to meet people, travel and challenge themselves to be the best they can be should they choose to do so.

To help achieve this, junior (5 – 19) coaching sessions are presently run on a Tuesday evening from 17.00 till 18.00 and only cost £1 per person to cover the expenses.

Both coaches have the shared objective to place 4 young players into the County game and 1 into the National system by 2015. Of course, both would also be happy to achieve this for new/current players of any age!

Coaching not only develops specific aspects of the game like racket and feet position but also aspects of endurance and agility which are paramount to playing at optimum levels. This has the added benefit of improving overall levels of fitness for people who just want to get fitter or lose a few pounds in a social environment where achieving these benefits is also fun!

So, what are you waiting for, sign up and start enjoying either Squash or Racket Ball (or both!) and improving your level of fitness!

Coaching sessions can be tailored to meet specific requirements and more general sessions will be running on a regular basis, please watch the website for specific events or contact Jeff or Dave who will both be happy to discuss your requirements.

Contact Jeff on 07977 436106 or Dave on 07786 703062




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